Four bills sponsored by Rep. Paul Graves, freshman lawmaker, approved by House with unanimous approval

Freshman lawmaker Rep. Paul Graves, R-Fall City, has successfully navigated four bills off the floor of the state House since the legislative session began on Jan. 9, 2017.

Graves sponsored House Bills 1285,1378, 1515 and 1640, each of which was co-sponsored by a number of Republicans and Democrats, and each of which was approved unanimously.

“These bills are not about partisan issues,” said Rep. Graves. “Instead, they each make life a little easier for Washingtonians. I prefer to focus my efforts on streamlining government, reducing needless red tape, and improving state government in bipartisan ways. These bills do just that.”

All four bills sponsored by Graves would revise existing laws, aim to reduce paperwork and redundancies, and clarify the law to make it easier to understand and follow.

House Bill 1285 would simplify the oath requirements for interpreters. House Bill 1378 would help smaller counties in legal proceedings where a judge is disqualified. House Bill 1515 would ease burdens on individuals seeking to obtain a disabled parking placard or license plate by expanding the types of documents accepted for applications. House Bill 1640 would make a notary a suitable substitute in lieu of two witnesses for a patient to legally execute a Health Care Directive under the Natural Death Act.

Each bill now heads to the Senate, where they will be referred to committee to await a public hearing.


Washington State House Republican Communications