Rep. Paul Graves: Improving ST3 and increasing accountability

Rep. Paul Graves, R-Fall City, discusses bills that have been proposed to improve Sound Transit 3 (ST3) and increase accountability of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), which implements ST3.

House Bill 2132 would combat skyrocketing car tabs by tying the formula used for assessing your car’s value to the Kelley Blue Book value — a widely used and accepted

House Bill 2147 would regulate the depreciation of your car’s value to protect you from an inflated assessment when issuing your car tabs.

House Bill 1029 would make the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) more accountable to taxpayers by changing the Sound Transit Board to be publicly elected rather than appointed.

House Bill 1958 would exempt property owners with less than a whole parcel of land inside the boundaries of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). 


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